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Importation business is one of the most lucrative business you can think of in Nigeria or around Africa. That being said, to start the business, you need a working capital and a reputable personality. You shouldn't have a criminal record if you will like your business partners to trust in you, some importation businesses doesn't even need a capital to start, all you need is to gain a trust from the company overseas and a working contract. The contract that will state that you will pay as you sell the goods.In this article, I will teach you the steps to follow to start a successful importation business in Nigeria and elsewhere, from China. There are variety of products you can import from China, ranging from shoes, cloths, electronics, furniture and phones and phones escessories. I'm not promising you its a easy task to accomplish, it takes time, money and good dealings to maintain the business relationship.
1. Obtain an Import Right
The good you're trying to import, will i…
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People fail interviews simply because they concentrated only on what they learnt in school, without going further to check the job requirements for particular company. To prepare for a successful interview, the person have to learn the job description and the requirements the firm is looking out for in any person applying for the job.  In this article, I will show you steps you can follow to have a successful interview in any company or firm of your choice.

Step 1 Learn the Jobs Characteristics
The first thing to do is to examine what the job is all about. You can do so by checking the website of the company to read about what you will be required to do when you get the job. The employer can as post the job descriptions with the invitation letter. So go through it thoroughly and if possible, cram it for use at the interview proper.  It will do you a lot good if you check the internet for the jobs characteristics and what a person is required to possess before landing the job.
Step 2 Check Yo…


Many atimes, guys find it difficult to approach a beautiful girl for her phone number. This is because either the girl is too cute you're afraid she might turn you down or maybe she's with a lot of her friends. In this article, I will show the easy steps you can follow to get any beautiful girl to give you her phone number. While planning to get a girls phone number, be rest assured that you can coordinate yourself in front of the girl. Let the phone number not be the first thing to talk about with the girl. Follow the bellow steps and be rest assured you're going home with the digits you want from any cute girl you approach. 
Step 1.  Introduction
Be prepared before you approach any girl of your choice, always look descent and smart. While you approach any girl you want to have her phone number, courtesy requires that you introduce yourself and where you're coming from especially if you meet the girl on the road.  "Hey, I'm John, just sighted you from the other …


Politics have become a gold mine in Nigeria today. Once you're into any political office, be it a commissioner or a local government chairman, you should be seeing enough money to keep you very comfortable. 
Be that as ut may, political career takes time to build and more especially, the right connection and network of people. 
Starting your political career in Nigeria will require you to have passion and be interested in all the political activities in you community.
Nowadays, not only the big boys do politics, ladies and women have also taken the stage in political offices. So don't worry about your gender, the political offices is for both gender. But you will have to earn it by struggle.
In this article, I will widen your knowledge on how you can become a successful politician in Nigeria and also make you wards successful through the same field.
Start Early
To play the game of politics, you will need the experience you've gotten from secondary schools to university. Vye for …


Search no more! Many have requested for the beat sites to make money online without having to invest their money! Search no more. 
I have published two website already about the best website investment you can make in this era both being Vbank and Ethereum.
Now I'm going to show you some legit website you can make cool cash without having to invest you more, zero capital and $ returns. All you need is a good mobile phone or preferably, a laptop.
Some 5 legit website you can make money online are the following.
1. Swagbucks
Swagbucks is one the coolest way to make money online. This website pay you for the activities you're going to refer in the website. The website will pay you for taking online survey, shopping, playing Gamez, watching movies and searching the web. This is one of the surest way of getting paid for doing little on the web.  This website is very popular in countries like Canada, USA and India. You might need to get a US number to start earning from this website. 
No 2…


This days, it have become more hard to get a girl to love you without having to show your material capacities. Truth be told, the more money you have these days, the more you're attracted to girls. But you don't want just the attraction, if you need true love, you will have to win a girls heart. Because if she loves you only for your money, one day, she will be tempted to collect some more from another guy, maybe even leave you at the end.The question that I will address in this article will be, How do you make a girl fall for you? More often than not, most guys tend to take the wrong step first without establishing a perfect connection at the beginning. Following this steps suo motu, will make any girl you love fall for you too. Be rest assured that this trick will work in all countries even when the girl is determined not to love anymore. It will tempt her to give you a try anyway.
Step 1  Start A Conversion
In starting a conversation with any girl, introduce yourself in a simple…


People travel for different reasons such as; educational reason, to enjoy a honeymoon; for vacation or to look for job in a more greener environment. I will always say, if you are born and you lived all your life in one country without traveling abroad or overseas, that mean you've not seen the world that God created. You should travel abroad one upon a time, take a vacation, you won't regret the experience.
Traveling abroad, to some persons is a hectic process, they rather stay home than take an adventure. Let me give you some benefits of traveling abroad. Traveling gives you soon much to hold dear to such as; good memories, gves you peace of mind, widen you horizon and helps you create more social network and connections. 
Traveling abroad can be fascinating and enjoyable if you follow the right steps and strategies I will be explaining below. 
The important question is, How am I going to go through the processes of traveling abroad?. In this article, I will show you the easiest…